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Cruising The Trace

Last fall, a good friend of mine told me that he had a fully restored 1958 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. He went through the entire story of how he and his Father-In-Law had taken several years and restored the car back to it's original factory condition.  As soon as he was done, I said, "I really want to shoot that car, it sounds so cool."

1958 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

So I met my buddy - his name is Geoff - at his house one afternoon, and he opened the garage door and there it is, a simply amazing little car. I knew right then that this would be the coolest car I've ever shot. Everything was perfect. Geoff told me the story from the beginning and after about twenty minutes of all of the details about how they rebuilt the car, he pulled out a picture. I looked at it and see a young couple on what looks like their wedding day, all dressed up with huge smiles in this cool little car. Geoff said, "This is a photo of my parents on their wedding day in this car." He had the actual picture of his parents driving this car to their honeymoon back in the late 1950's. The Karmann was a gift to his mother from her father, who purchased it new.

We spent all afternoon cruising on the Natchez Trace Parkway. Every once in a while, we would see a good spot and pull over to shoot some photos, and at almost every place we did, someone would stop to comment on the car and lead into a thirty minute conversation. It was definitely the star on the Trace that day. Thanks to my buddy Geoff for a super fun day.