I get excited when my favorite client calls. This time they wanted me to update the press photos for the 2016 Nissan Altima. The project was to shoot two units - blue and silver, top secret nobody can see the car, secure locations, the usual stuff.

I made a couple of calls and locked down the Music City Center in Nashville. We loaded the cars up on truck and trailer a couple of weeks later. I can do everything in my power to make sure the shoot goes off without any issues but there's absolutely nothing I can do to control the weather. We show up and of course it's raining. We gave it the old college try, you know hang out and see if it stops raining long enough to squeeze off a couple of shots. But with a car that hasn't been revealed yet, it's not like you can just have these thing laying around for everyone to see. They have to be covered and hidden away from the public. It doesn't make it easy to just pull it out and shoot when the rain stops.

Plan B: move to the tunnel that goes through the convention center. I've shot there before (Ferrari California) and it can be a challenging location because it's very dark. Luckily for us it has a metal ceiling so we were able to bounce light to capture the image below.