My parents had a limited edition MGB when I was a kid. I loved everything about that little car. I thought it was the coolest thing that we had at our house. I remember my dad would ask if anyone wanted to go to the store, and my brother, sister and I would say no thanks. Then he would say, "We can take the MG," and we would fight over who got to ride with him to the store. That's when my love for antique cars really came about. When I had a chance to shoot a fully restored 1966 Chevy Chevelle I had a similar experience.

Automotive Photographer John Murphy 1966 Chevelle

The owner of the Chevelle is a guy named George. He's an unassuming guy, but once we began talking I realized very quickly that George has a big heart and an even bigger passion for cars. You could see his passion in his car; it was totally restored to original factory condition. The attention to detail is hard to describe. Every inch of this car was, and still is, perfect. The amount of pride that the owner has is easy to see when you look around at the attention to detail that went into this restoration.

Automotive Photographer John Murphy

This is the type of project I really enjoy. George had obviously never been around a photographer and had certainly never been on location for a photo shoot. He was very quiet at first, but once he saw the first image in the camera, he was excited to see how the car looked. He had some truly amazing stories.

Automotive Photographer John Murphy 66 Chevelle
Automotive Photographer John Murphy 66 Chevelle Collage