“I’ve always had a passion for cars.  I’ve been a car nut ever since my parents owned an antique MGB convertible when I was a kid.”

Nashville-based automotive photographer, John Murphy, draws on a lifelong love of cars to create beautiful imagery for his clients.  Marrying his passion for all things automotive with an extensive background in film, photography, and visual effects, John’s images reflect his well-honed, unique style of capturing these dynamic products – in motion and at rest.  “I love a challenge.  The more complex the concept, the more excited I get.  Solving challenges is a part of the shoot that I find incredibly exciting and gratifying.  Automotive photography allows me to perfectly combine my passion for cars with my love of landscapes.” 

John’s work in automotive photography has led him across the country to create advertising and editorial imagery for manufacturers, advertising agencies, and other automotive organizations.  He offers the full package, from initial prep to complete post-production.

When all is said and done, John’s ultimate satisfaction comes from his client’s satisfaction.  “Knowing that I’ve met and hopefully exceeded the client’s expectations is the best feeling I can have as a photographer.  It’s a simple emotion, yet very powerful at the same time.”